Cantor Adam Gilbert

alternate textCantor Adam Gilbert knew from his earliest moments that he loved all areas of Jewish music. Growing up in Cherry Hill, he attended Kellman Brown Academy and he was an active and enthusiastic participant in the music program offered at Congregation Beth El.

At the age of 16 Adam was placed in charge Beth El’s B’nai Mitzvah Preparation Program and he was responsible for training all Beth El B’nai Mitzvah students. This program was so successful and rewarding that future-Cantor Adam Gilbert knew that he would continue to teach and prepare young people for their B’nai Mitzvah throughout his career.

Adam went on to complete a dual undergraduate studies degree from Drexel University in Finance and Accounting and he now serves as both a Real Estate Consultant and Certified Appraiser. In addition, Adam is the Owner of B & A Appraisals.

Adam began his relationship with Kesher Israel in 1995, when he came here to serve as High Holiday Cantor, a position he held through 2004. At that time, Adam was called to serve as Cantorial Soloist for the Jewish Community Center in Long Beach Island, NJ, which he did for 3 years. Adam gained invaluable experience in his role as Cantorial Soloist in Long Beach. This experience, coupled with his ongoing mentorship under the direction of Distinguished Cantor Charles Davidson, would serve to bring Adam back to the attention of our synagogue leadership and return him to the Bima where he originally began his career. Adam officially became the Chazzan of Kesher Israel in 2008 and he continues to serve our Historic Congregation Kesher Israel with great distinction.

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